39 weeks!

Hello Lil Tater Tot!

Mummy and Daddy recently bought a new toy called Amazon Echo so we have been listening to all sorts of different music. A key favourite of yours seems to be nursery rhymes and lullabies!

We have been randomly asking Alexa to play lullabies and your favourite seem to be a selection of songs from Lisa Loeb, she has a song called ‘Lullaby Girl‘ and that seems to be your favourite song! When I play the song, you almost always perk up and kick cutely! Kinda counter intuitive since the lullaby is supposed to help put you to SLEEP!

The end of the third trimester is a very exciting period! You feel so real to me, mostly because you’re kicking cutely inside and reacting to sounds, music, warm and mummy’s accelerated heartbeats/excitement. Today while online shopping for the cutest bibs/mittens/little hats, I was clearly excited and you joined in the excitement too! Shopping for you makes Mama very excited. Daddy hasn’t been very good at stopping me, in fact, he’s always replies with, “SO CUTE! GET IT!” I fear that you’re going to have a new outfit everyday for 2 weeks straight! But other mommies have said some babies change 5-6 outfits a day and drench tiny mittens very frequently, so maybe mommy instead will have to do laundry less and have more free time kissing n cuddling you instead. Daddy was very cute, he was telling me that he hopes he will get some cuddles in when you’re born. I guess, I have been crazily protective of you! As I should! You’re my most precious pie!

I bought you your first Christmas outfit, on the way home from the doctor’s last week.


Everyday I’m so excited because, everyday I am one stop closer to meeting you! My sweet sweet baby boy that has been baking inside me for 270 days now!

Its amazing really, how I can be so excited to meet you, but yet still a little terrified about the labor process, but a little bit of fear is alright I guess, hopefully it will kick off the right hormones! I keep reminding myself that nothing worth doing in life is easy!

Speaking of what’s really not easy. Its all the random advice that my growing belly has generated! I was reading this article in the middle of the night, because of pregnancy insomnia and acid reflux (http://time.com/4989068/motherhood-is-hard-to-get-wrong/) Its really so true in so many ways. Being pregnant is hard enough, what ia gratingly annoying is people around me, trying to tell me that I’m not doing this and that, or doing this and that wrongly. By and large it comes from the goodness of their hearts, but some people really rub me the wrong way. Of course I want the best for my child, of course I don’t want to harm my child but there are so many different schools of thought on, “How to raise the perfect child, How to have the perfect pregnancy and How to be the perfect mother.” Coming from Singapore and giving birth in NYC, makes it even worse because sometimes the people back home expect me to do ‘X’ and people here expect ‘Y’. I’m sick of explaining my rationale for how I want my birth to be, and how I am taking care of myself. I don’t quite understand why personal decisions suddenly become a room for debate? But the good thing is, over this pregnancy, I have polished the art of going,  “Thank you for your advice” and not say anything more.

But I suppose, this is a glimpse of what motherhood will be like. I imagine that lots of people will have comments about my parenting style and how I should discipline, what I should feed you, what developmental milestones you should be hitting, etc etc. So all in all, pregnancy is good preparation for standing firm in my beliefs. At some levels, I do feel that raising a kid is based on guttural instincts too, I will spend the most time with you, observing your habits and needs, thus I would be the best person to gauge and decide how I want to raise you!

In the past week, you have been showing various signs of wanting to come out, at least according to traditional labor signs, but every other day, you display some symptoms and then the next day, you’ll be like, “Just teasing! Not today Mom!”

OH YOU LIL TEASEBALL! We’ll see you whenever you’re ready then!

Lovingly, Mummy.

PS: But if I want to be completely honest. This is how I really feel like right now.



38 weeks baked!

Dear Darling Kai Kai,

You probably weigh about 6-7 pounds right now, although sometimes I feel like I’m hurling around what feels like a 20 pound baby. You’re so big and so strong! You kick me a lot, and boy do you really kick me HARD sometimes. Sometimes, I have to stop for a bit and take a breather when you kick right up into my lungs. By and large, you are such an active baby and my favorite part of the day is when you swirl cutely around my belly after a meal or sweet treat. I chat with you most then, when you’re giving me gentle kicks and rolling around gently in ma belly.

Daddy’s birthday is tomorrow, but this year he hasn’t thought much about his birthday at all. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said: “Cream Pasta” from a bottle because mama cannot eat tomato based sauces. I think we can do better than that tho, we can order Italian food in for dinner for Daddy’s birthday! I’ve been trying hard to eat a repertoire of foods because I’m so afraid that your palette will be like Daddy! He doesn’t like most Asian food and can eat pasta and cold sandwiches everyday. Seems like you like rice a lot, or rather, rice doesn’t make mama sick, so we have been eating lots of rice! I cannot wait to see how you’re going to be like, I predict that you’ll be a feisty one and really beat to the sound of your own drum.

Continue to grow well sweet little boy! Mummy and Daddy are ready to meet you whenever you are ready to see the world! We’re going to have so many awesome adventures together!



Halloween Costume

Dear Kai Kai,

I have been invited to some Halloween parties and was racking my brains over something simple to wear. Goodness knows I don’t need even more maternity wear because I’m going to see you in 5 weeks. Time truly flies! I have been baking you with love, in my tummy for 8 months. It was not been an entirely smooth journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are truly an active baby and always kicking up a storm in mama’s tummy. You have begun to recognize daddy’s voice and when he reads to you at night, you will kick and squirm around excitedly. It makes him very very happy. You are so very loved!

Back to the point of this post …..

So I wanted you to be part of the costume and this is what I came up with! A watermelon costume!

I’m going to use construction paper and paste a slice of water melon on my belly and we will both come dressed as a FRUIT!

I cannot wait to dress you up in a costume next year! Oh the fun we will have thru many many halloweens.

I love you little buns, see you very soon!


Mama Watermelon!

Welcome to the Family

Dear Baby Kai Kai!

Welcome to our family! We are so looking forward to seeing you and showering you with sweet baby kisses! Mummy is beyond excited to see you!

We’re fast approaching our third trimester and mummy is doing tons of researching about babies and getting your room ready! Daddy is all ready to assemble the cribs and changing table/dresser for you! We are both super excited about setting up a home filled with love and joy for you. You are already our precious pie!

We recently moved to a new neighborhood where I suspect will be a perfect place for you to grow up in. It has lots of young families, open spaces, near a wonderful state park and zoned for a pretty decent preschool. We love how quiet the apartment is and how lovely the expansive views are from up high. There is a pool in our apartment complex and Daddy cannot wait to bring you to splash like a dolphin in the inviting waters. From our apartment, we see the Hudson river confluence and Daddy is going on and on about teaching you to ‘sail before you can walk’. Mummy has mixed feelings about that.

At first, I didn’t know what it meant when my fellow mommies told me that love for their child begins in the womb. Now I finally understand what it means, because I already love you so so much right now and I will continue to do so for the rest of eternity. Continue to excite mommy lots with your swift little kicks, cute hiccups, grow big, get stronger and we look forward to seeing you in November. Till then, enjoy the mini swimming pool inside of mom, made specially just for you!

Love, Mummy.

PS: It would be a really nice thing to kick a little less violently when mummy is hugging the toilet bowl or hurting inside due to acid refluxes and a host of other pregnancy related pains. Try to remember the mantra – “Never kick a man when he’s down!”. Although, you’re probably trying to nap and all the noise around you is disturbing your little baby nap. Nevertheless try your best!