Halloween Costume

Dear Kai Kai,

I have been invited to some Halloween parties and was racking my brains over something simple to wear. Goodness knows I don’t need even more maternity wear because I’m going to see you in 5 weeks. Time truly flies! I have been baking you with love, in my tummy for 8 months. It was not been an entirely smooth journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are truly an active baby and always kicking up a storm in mama’s tummy. You have begun to recognize daddy’s voice and when he reads to you at night, you will kick and squirm around excitedly. It makes him very very happy. You are so very loved!

Back to the point of this post …..

So I wanted you to be part of the costume and this is what I came up with! A watermelon costume!

I’m going to use construction paper and paste a slice of water melon on my belly and we will both come dressed as a FRUIT!

I cannot wait to dress you up in a costume next year! Oh the fun we will have thru many many halloweens.

I love you little buns, see you very soon!


Mama Watermelon!