38 weeks baked!

Dear Darling Kai Kai,

You probably weigh about 6-7 pounds right now, although sometimes I feel like I’m hurling around what feels like a 20 pound baby. You’re so big and so strong! You kick me a lot, and boy do you really kick me HARD sometimes. Sometimes, I have to stop for a bit and take a breather when you kick right up into my lungs. By and large, you are such an active baby and my favorite part of the day is when you swirl cutely around my belly after a meal or sweet treat. I chat with you most then, when you’re giving me gentle kicks and rolling around gently in ma belly.

Daddy’s birthday is tomorrow, but this year he hasn’t thought much about his birthday at all. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said: “Cream Pasta” from a bottle because mama cannot eat tomato based sauces. I think we can do better than that tho, we can order Italian food in for dinner for Daddy’s birthday! I’ve been trying hard to eat a repertoire of foods because I’m so afraid that your palette will be like Daddy! He doesn’t like most Asian food and can eat pasta and cold sandwiches everyday. Seems like you like rice a lot, or rather, rice doesn’t make mama sick, so we have been eating lots of rice! I cannot wait to see how you’re going to be like, I predict that you’ll be a feisty one and really beat to the sound of your own drum.

Continue to grow well sweet little boy! Mummy and Daddy are ready to meet you whenever you are ready to see the world! We’re going to have so many awesome adventures together!



91% done with pregnancy!

Dearest Darling Kai Kai,

I cannot believe I’m 91% done with pregnancy, the app that I have been using told me that today and I have roughly about 3 more weeks to go. I absolutely cannot wait to hold you in my arms!

Today, I did the last bit of laundry (I say that a lot, because I keep seeing cuter things and cannot resist!) and packed the hospital bag for the both of us! Coming home clothes + clothes to nurse you in, among other random stuffs. I packed cookies too, because everybody needs cookies!

Daddy said something very touching the other day and sent mummy’s waterworks flying. Which by the way, has been turned on very frequently these days. I think its the hormones. But whoever tells me I’m hormonal gets his/her head bitten off very very quickly! Never tell a pregnant women, it must be the hormones, unless you want to be yelled at. But hey, at least I’m cognizant. Right? Heh.

I digress.

Daddy said that, “Our number one job now, is to raise you to be a good person and nothing else matters as much as you do!” I was very happy, because I thought that Daddies bond with the baby much later, but I think Daddy loves you as much as Mummy does! Which makes me so so happy! He reads to you, almost everyday and kisses mama’s belly often and rubs her belly to feel you. He claims that every time he lays his golden touch on you, it calms you down, he’s right 80% of the time actually. Here’s hoping that when you’re shrieking outside mama’s tummy, he will have the same calming effect!

We love you so very much and cannot wait to cuddle you in our arms! Thank you for listening to mama and continued to bake inside my comfortable and safe belly (after last week’s scare ). We will see you very soon and we cannot be more excited to be your parents!


Daddy and Mummy!





On being a new mummy – worrying

My body has gone through huge changes in the last 249 days, some of which are fascinating and some of which kinda annoying, if I want to be completely honest. But I am in awe with the female body, of how it as grown a mass of cells to a large 5.5 pound baby, that kicks, squirms, breathes and hiccups ever so cutely. I talk to you every day, asking you to kick sometimes but mostly asking you to calm down! You’re such an active baby, which is great because the doctors tell me how healthy you are and it makes me feel very secure.

Pregnancy has made mummy a worrywart, from getting enough exercise, to getting enough rest, to the food I put into my mouth, to the type of diapers/formula I buy for you, to your sleeping quarters. Knowledge is power, but given so much information on the internet these days, too much information can sometimes be overwhelming to a new mom.

I have to check ever so carefully, where I am reading medical articles from, whether reviews online are paid or genuine, whether or not I’m getting a good deal on big ticket items and most importantly — Are these products safe for you? Research, Research, Research seems to be the operative word for the last couple of months. Given my A type personality, it sometimes stresses me out, because I only want the best for you.

At the same time though, I have learnt very valuable lessons about trusting my body, trusting my medical team and trusting that me and your daddy will be the best possible parents to you.¬† Medically, this pregnancy has given me some grief and some issues, the challenge for me personally, has been not to overthink issues, take medication (even though when the pregnancy started I was adamant about NOT putting drugs into my body), but there are things beyond my control and so I had to do, what I had to do. There is this mummy guilt that comes along with it, I wonder if I’m too soft of a cookie, and could have ‘sucked it up’ better and toughen up more, but after nights of puking amongst other things, I gave in. In order to be the best mommy for you, I would first have to take care of my physical, mental and emotional health, so that I would be in best shape to take care of you.

I have to humbly acknowledge that I won’t get everything right, there will be struggles along the way, but we will all be fine in the end. Nothing worth doing in life is easy, so with this thought in mind, I’m/We’re looking forward to your arrival in about 31 days, and the rest of the 18 years (?) with you, learning new things about parenthood, making mistakes and growing as a family. One thing is constant tho, you are loved beyond words.



PS: This is me, after two continuous nights of not waking up in misery, looking all fresh and happy at 35.5 weeks of pregnancy. Its worth documenting because I have not had good sleep since 27 weeks!



Little Tater Tot

Dear Little Tater Tot,

Mummy has given you lots of nicknames and you aren’t even born yet! ¬†This name was inspired by Daddy’s favorite food, the humble potato tater tot. We went for a child birthing class yesterday at NYU Langone and Daddy swaddled a ‘mock you’ like a little tater tot, hence the nickname!


Mummy is very proud of Daddy! For 2 whole Saturdays, we woke up early in the morning and went for class from 9.30am to 4pm. We learnt lots about managing the labor process, pain management, the birth process and infant care. In class, plenty of Dads were using the phone, going out to get calls and surfing the internet, but your Daddy was patiently writing notes and jotting down questions for our OB. (Mummy did the same too just in case you were wondering!)

Going for the child birthing class was pretty useful, being pregnant is a pretty big deal and life changing experience for the both of us. I have been uncomfortable for weeks now, between really really really bad acid refluxes, nausea, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, painful Braxton Hicks, difficulty breathing and the works, Mommy’s been trying very hard to prepare myself both mentally and emotionally for your birth. It has not been entirely smooth sailing, but I’m so grateful that you’re growing big and strong. As much as I’m uncomfortable physically, I hope you will bake inside mummy for as long as you need! So that you can come out healthy, happy and cuddly! Apparently you’re measuring big and when I saw your chubby cheeks in the scan, I was stoked! I hope you have chubby cheeks like mama!


Daddy was very cute in class, he was holding the mock doll with such affection even the instructor couldn’t help but smile at his tenderness. I think you’re going to be super lucky baby because he will be the best Dad in the world!

In about 6 weeks, we will probably see your beautiful little face and we cannot wait to begin many adventures with you. First of which, would probably be to survive the lack of sleep and initial shock of having a tiny tater tot entirely dependent on us. With a little patience from us, and a little cooperation from you, I’m sure we’ll do fine.

I love you my little precious tater tot!