Butt up in the air

I’m a tummy sleeper, when I was young, I used to sleep on my chest with my butt high up in the air. Just like this baby below!

baby butt up

Kai is 31.5 weeks and anterior facing, so from time to time, I can feel his cute little butt jutting out from my tummy! This hard mass of butt bone just below my ribs. Its really cute, at night when I read to him, I will pat his little butt and pat him to sleep!

We went to our hospital tour today and boy was he excited! He was kicking and moving around cutely, as if knowing that someday his first glimpse of the world would be right in that hospital.

Grow well, grow strong and up to 39 weeks at least little one. Mummy and Daddy cannot wait to see you at the start of November! We love you so so so much!