91% done with pregnancy!

Dearest Darling Kai Kai,

I cannot believe I’m 91% done with pregnancy, the app that I have been using told me that today and I have roughly about 3 more weeks to go. I absolutely cannot wait to hold you in my arms!

Today, I did the last bit of laundry (I say that a lot, because I keep seeing cuter things and cannot resist!) and packed the hospital bag for the both of us! Coming home clothes + clothes to nurse you in, among other random stuffs. I packed cookies too, because everybody needs cookies!

Daddy said something very touching the other day and sent mummy’s waterworks flying. Which by the way, has been turned on very frequently these days. I think its the hormones. But whoever tells me I’m hormonal gets his/her head bitten off very very quickly! Never tell a pregnant women, it must be the hormones, unless you want to be yelled at. But hey, at least I’m cognizant. Right? Heh.

I digress.

Daddy said that, “Our number one job now, is to raise you to be a good person and nothing else matters as much as you do!” I was very happy, because I thought that Daddies bond with the baby much later, but I think Daddy loves you as much as Mummy does! Which makes me so so happy! He reads to you, almost everyday and kisses mama’s belly often and rubs her belly to feel you. He claims that every time he lays his golden touch on you, it calms you down, he’s right 80% of the time actually. Here’s hoping that when you’re shrieking outside mama’s tummy, he will have the same calming effect!

We love you so very much and cannot wait to cuddle you in our arms! Thank you for listening to mama and continued to bake inside my comfortable and safe belly (after last week’s scare ). We will see you very soon and we cannot be more excited to be your parents!


Daddy and Mummy!






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