Little Tater Tot

Dear Little Tater Tot,

Mummy has given you lots of nicknames and you aren’t even born yet!  This name was inspired by Daddy’s favorite food, the humble potato tater tot. We went for a child birthing class yesterday at NYU Langone and Daddy swaddled a ‘mock you’ like a little tater tot, hence the nickname!


Mummy is very proud of Daddy! For 2 whole Saturdays, we woke up early in the morning and went for class from 9.30am to 4pm. We learnt lots about managing the labor process, pain management, the birth process and infant care. In class, plenty of Dads were using the phone, going out to get calls and surfing the internet, but your Daddy was patiently writing notes and jotting down questions for our OB. (Mummy did the same too just in case you were wondering!)

Going for the child birthing class was pretty useful, being pregnant is a pretty big deal and life changing experience for the both of us. I have been uncomfortable for weeks now, between really really really bad acid refluxes, nausea, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, painful Braxton Hicks, difficulty breathing and the works, Mommy’s been trying very hard to prepare myself both mentally and emotionally for your birth. It has not been entirely smooth sailing, but I’m so grateful that you’re growing big and strong. As much as I’m uncomfortable physically, I hope you will bake inside mummy for as long as you need! So that you can come out healthy, happy and cuddly! Apparently you’re measuring big and when I saw your chubby cheeks in the scan, I was stoked! I hope you have chubby cheeks like mama!


Daddy was very cute in class, he was holding the mock doll with such affection even the instructor couldn’t help but smile at his tenderness. I think you’re going to be super lucky baby because he will be the best Dad in the world!

In about 6 weeks, we will probably see your beautiful little face and we cannot wait to begin many adventures with you. First of which, would probably be to survive the lack of sleep and initial shock of having a tiny tater tot entirely dependent on us. With a little patience from us, and a little cooperation from you, I’m sure we’ll do fine.

I love you my little precious tater tot!




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